Girdwood Fungus Fair

We put the "Fun" in Fungus Fair

Girdwood Fungus Fair  2016: Aug. 26-28th!

The schedule of events is under development.

 Forays and Workshops will be open for registration online starting Aug. 1st at Brown Paper Tickets (links will be posted here)

As always, the talks and display table are free and open to everyone!  ***NOTE*** Change of venue this year. The Girdwood Fungus Fair will no longer be in the Girdwood Community Room. Displays, talks and Workshops will be at the US Forest Service Glacier Ranger District. See "Where" tab for the new location map.


Our guest presenters for this year are:

 Philippe Amstislavski

Currently associate professor of Public Health at the University of Alaska-Anchorage, Philippe is originally from the Polar Ural, and has also worked in the Interior and northwestern Alaska. He is knowledgeable of fungal communities on both sides of the Bering straight, especially polypores and other cold -resilient wood decomposers for biomaterials and food cultivation. His teaching and research draws from an unusual blend of knowledge and experiences, from environmental toxicology, mycology, architecture, and from mushroom farming in Alaska. He leads the Biomaterials Lab at UAA, where his team develops mycelium based thermal insulation alternatives to plastic foams. 

  Noah Siegel

Noah's field mycology skills are extensive- has has spent two decades seeking, photographing, identifying, and furthering his knowledge about all aspects of macrofungi. He has hunted for mushrooms throughout the United States and Canada, as well as on multiple expeditions to New Zealand and Australia. Click here to read more.




Steve Trudell

The Pacific Northwest Fungus Master is back! Author of Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest and Tricholomas of North America, Steve will once again grace us with his vast myco-knowledge. He has been identifying and photographing mushrooms and studying their ecology for over 30 years. Steve belongs to the Mycological Society of America, North American Mycological Association, and International Mycorrhiza Society, writes for several mycological publications, and frequently serves as foray mycologist or invited lecturer for mycological societies and other nature groups. His research interests include the roles of fungi in forest nutrient cycling (bio excerpt borrowed from Timberpress).



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The Girdwood Fungus Fair thanks the Byrne Family and Alyeska Resort for their continued generous support of the Fungus Fair Formal. 


 Mushrooms of National Forests in Alaska brochure features 51 species commonly found in South Central AK. You can pick up your free copy at any USFS Ranger Station, Supervisory Office, or Visitor Center in Alaska or at the Girdwood Fungus Fair. You can also view a web based version by clicking HERE










Some pictures from 2008, 2009,  2010 and 2011 are still posted and can be downloaded from HERE by clicking on the photo you want, then selecting "all sizes" from the menu at the top, then click "Download Full Size".