August 2010 August 2010 Wolf's Milk Slime Lycogala epidendrum 110170931 Hawks Wing Sarcodon imbricatus 110170932 Hawks Wing "teeth" A close up of the spore bearing surface of S. imbricatus 110170933 Inonotus tomentosus 110170934 Lactarius resimus up close Note the yellow staining latex and bearded cap margin 110170935 Lactarius resimus 110170936 Morels! Probably Morchella tomentosa 110170937 Morchella tomentosa 110170938 A good day! Odley enough, these were fruiting in late August through Mid-October! 110170939 Dr. Steve Trudell 110170940 Gyromitra infula 110170941 Gyromitra infula 110170942 The Gypsy Mushroom Cortinarius caperata. Locally abundant on some years, this wasn't one of them. I did find a few though. 110170943 Boletus edulis This young king was poking out about 2 feet off the ground on this tree! 110170944