Fungus Fair 2013 Fungus Fair 2013 Amanita muscaria 186699510 Dye Mushrooms! Three species of Cortinarius in the subgenus Dermocyme collected by Teresa Paquet for the Dye workshop 186699511 Chicken of the Woods Laetiporus conifericola, edible but not as good as it's east coast counterpart. 190581842 Not Satans Bolete Boletus luridiformis, blue staining. 190581843 Mycologizing in the Botanical Garden With Michael Beug and Dominique Collet 190581844 Cool Ascos! Michael Beug points out a different orange cup fungus to Dominique Collet and Ken Hodges. 190581845 Dessert! Another incredible concoction at the Fungus Fair Formal at the Hotel Alyeska. 190581846 Foay! With Diane Pleninger 190581847 Fungus Foray 190581848 Dye Workshop 190581849 Display Tables Michael Beug and Chris Maack discuss species names 190581850 Mushroom Sculpture Workshop With the talented Barbara Lydon 190581851 Talk! Presentation at the Community Room 190581852