Common species found in Girdwood Common species found in Girdwood Amanita muscaria Poisonous 4631983 Boletus sp. I hope to solve this mystery at Fungus Fair!! 4631984 Amanita muscaria and Boletus edulis This is one of the few cases where the edible one is obvious!! 4631985 Boletus mirabilis Edible, with a hint of lemon! 4631969 Boletus pulcherrimus Poisonous! 4631970 Cantherellus tubaeformis Edible, and good! 4631986 Cortinarius traganus 4631971 Mycena Not worth eating! 4631987 Phaeolepiota aurea Considered edible, but with caution 4631972 Pleurocybella porrigens Long considered edible, but new reports indicate it may cause problems in some individuals 4631973 Rozities caperata Edible, but has poisonous look-alikes 4631988 Clavaria purpurea Edible 4632262 4700741 Boletus edulis 4700742 2007 Harvest of edibles 4700743 Boletus coniferarum 4700728 Hydnum repandum The edible hedgehog - a close relative to Chanterelles 7339322 Pholiota squarrosa 7339323 Lycoperdon foetidum 7339341 Chroogomphus tomentosus 7339324 Aleuria aurnatia Orange peel fungus 7339342 Morchella angusticeps group Burn morels 7339343