Girdwood Fungus Fair

We put the "Fun" in Fungus Fair

                                                 THANK YOU!!



The Fungus Fair Committee Thanks These Businesses, Individuals, and Volunteers for their contribution to the success of Fungus Fair (in no particular order):


Holly McQuinn

John Byrne III

The Bake Shop

Alyeska Resort

Di Hiibner

Dominique Collet

Betty Charnon

Ken Gill

Kobuk Valley Jade Co.


USDA Forest Service - Glacier Ranger District

Alaska Railroad

Alaska River Company

Alta House Vacationa

Bernie mohatt

Betsy and Pat Preis

Betty Charnon

Bowman's Bear Creek Lodge

Camilla Siefert

Girdwood Parks and Recreation

Mom's Cleaning Service

Four Valleys Community Schools

Glacier City Sea Foods

Captain Jack's Seafood

Chair 5

Chugach Chocolates

Deb Essex/ Alpine Air

Diamond Parking

Emma Kramer

Great Harvest Bread


Hank Hosford

Indian Valley Meats

Jeff Brown

Jim Janssen

Jules Wolfe

Kate Chandler

Kathy Feathergill

Laura Walter

Leola Rutherford

Liz Dow

Mike Durtschi



Mooses Tooth

Pete Gautreau

Reiker Durtschi

Riley Cronk

Ron and Michelle Tenny


Sam Daniel

Jeff Lisech

Shelby Kenny

Sherry Dugan

Silvertip Restaurant

Sweet Mo's Simple Pleasures

Terry Onslow

Tommy O'Malley

Z Denise Gallup

Girdwood Styling Salon

Canyon Creek Photography

Hottentot Pottery

Girdwood Inc.

Hidden Creek B&B

 Glacier Valley Roasters (Carol Sanner)

Jack Sprat

Erin Cooper

Mudhead Pottery

Skinny Raven

Alaska Wildland Adventures

Dr. Steve Trudell

Sarah Grebe

Jonnie & Laz

Vicky Clark

Teresa Paquet


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